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Artist: Dawn of Ashes
Album: The Crypt Injection
Genre: Aggrotech / Dark Electro
Release Date: 2007

Black metal vocals + Club music + Horror movies = This band in a nutshell. This was my very first venture into the wonderous genre of aggrotech and I still to this day love it. The whole album is basically just a whole bunch of creepy, yet infectious beats with some cool ass vocals and some samples thrown in for good measure. It's a simple as hell formula, but I can't even tell you how much I love it. After this release though they turned in to a very subpar melodic black metal band with only like one or two good songs to show from an entire album's worth of material. I got a chance to see them when they opened for Dimmu Borgir in the hopes that they'd play some of their old songs, but no such luck. It seems that they've completely abandoned their roots. Most albums of this genre tend to get boring after awhile, with the exception of one or two songs, this album keeps me thoroughly entertained and I suggest that if you like anything in the electronic genre, that you give this a try. The Standout songs to me are "Blade in the Dark", "Torture Device," "Inhuman Salvation," "Still Born Defect" and "The Crypt Injection."

A Blade in the Dark

Torture Device (The blood soaked music video)

So, there. Judge me at will. Just wait until I pull out a few of my favorite deathcore gems.
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