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Alcest -- Orlando, FL -- March 22nd, 2012

Me, illninoese and kramer709(not sure if he posts much) got to the venue around the time the first openers had just finished playing. We hung out at the bar till Deafheaven came on and went upfront for their set.

The Deafheaven set, I presume, was the same as the one posted here earlier. They were pretty fun to watch live and had the crowd going for most of their energetic set.

Alcest (Now in order )

Autre temps
Percées de lumière
Là où naissent les couleurs nouvelles
Les voyages de l'âme
Faiseurs de mondes
Ciel errant
Écailles de lune - Part 1
Souvenirs d'un autre monde
Summer's Glory

Alcest got on just before midnight and right from the first note of Autre temps, they were right on the money. As is evident from the set, the set wasn't too heavy on the black metal vocals from Neige but they were pretty nailed whenever called upon. As it was way past midnight through the middle of their set, Neige played a happy birthday verse as everyone sang along for the drummer. They were supposed to close out with Souvenirs but ended up playing an extra song on everyone's request.

The normal shirts were priced at $20 while the tour shirt was $25, I think. Having said that, they were selling older tour shirts from the Le Secret tour. The CD was $15 while the digipack was $20. The turnout was decent for a pub I guess, probably around 100 by the time Alcest went on.
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