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Talking Opeth -- Monterrey, Mexico -- March 22nd, 2012

Venue: Teatro de la Ciudad

The Devil's Orchard
I Feel the Dark
Face of Melinda
To Rid the Disease
The Lines in My Hand (Extra song and first time played ever)
Heir Apparent
The Grand Conjuration
The Drapery Falls


Perfect performance as usual from Opeth, Mikael present Martin Mendez as a superstar, in fact Mikael present Mendez like three times, and at the end Mendez say a few words to the crowd in spanish something like "Thanks for coming to the show". The Teatro de la Ciudad is a venue for theatre plays, so the acoustic of the place was perfect, not a sold out show but like a 80% full. Mikael present him self as "Piņata Gonzalez". Some kid throw a mexican flag wich have an Opeth logo in the center. Another kid say in a banner that she wants an Axe stick or something like that, Mikael turns to a funny thing and after that Axe throw an stick to the girl. They said that the Lines In My Hand song is the first time played ever, because is a really complex song to play live, so for me that was very special.
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