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Artist: Carnal Decay
Album: Chopping Off the Head
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Release Date: 2008

This band is coming over to that States from Switzerland to do a bunch of summer death fests (much to my chagrin, CIM isn't one of them) and I haven't seen anyone react to that the way that they should, so these guys are my next write-up. So, about two years ago I was doing some late night Youtubing and randomly found this video on a related video to some shit like Alf playing the drums to a Carcass song and have been a fan of this band since. If I had to describe this album in one word, it would be: Intense. The brutality in this album is just seemingly unrelenting. They'll slow it down a ilttle bit in songs like "One by One", but not for long dammit. An aspect to this album that some may view as a negative is the audio samples at the beginning of over half the songs on the album, but being the cinephile that I am, I enjoy it. I do really like the vocals on this album because they're actually somewhat comprehensible at a bunch of points on the album. If nothing that I just said got you, well, here's something for all you horndogs out there...the guitarist is a chick. Anyway, the standout tracks to me are "Shotgun Facelift", "Bowel Bondage" and "Mutilation is My Passion."

Shotgun Facelift

Bowel Bondage (Youtube only had a really shitty quality version of this song)
12/2 Something is Waiting
12/3 Sick/Tired
12/9 Condition Critical
12/10 Denver Black Sky
12/11 The Casualties
12/23 Macabre
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