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Thumbs up Hank Williams 3 -- Sauget, IL -- March 21st, 2012

Hank Williams 3*
Pops Concert Venue
Sauget, IL

Hank played the last show of his tour last night in Sauget, IL which is literally 2 minutes outside of St. Louis, MO. Pops is a cool venue. Its been open since the early 80's. I have yet to see a bad show there. The sound is great.

There was not any opening acts. Hank played from 8:15 p.m until about 11:45 p.m.*

Hank came out and sounded great. The crowd was intense for a Hank 3 show, a few pits and a few crowd surfers. Also a few fights. Its hard not to have a few fights at a Hank 3 show. Country Music Rednecks, Metal Heads, Punks, Stoners, etc, Hank 3 draws about as diverse of a crowd as any act out there. Mix that with alcohol and sooner or later there will be idiots starting shit. They played an extremely long country set which was I what I made the drive for. Everyone sounded great, especially Andy Gibson who plays the slide/steel guitar.*

I had leave after Tennessee Driver due to one the ladies I was with getting plastered to the point she could hardly walk. Lol it was still a good time!!! I had a friend who texted me about what I missed.

(Songs Out Of Order, Maybe 1 Or 2 Missing)
*Country Set:
Straight To Hell
Lookin' For A Mountain
D. Ray White
Thrown Out Of The Bar
Me & My Friends
Gutter Town
Smoke & Wine
Long Hauls & Close Calls
Six Pack Of Beer
Troopers Hollar
Pills I Took
Rebel Within
Crazed Country Rebel
The Grand Ole Opey
Outlaw Convention
Mississippi Mud
Ghost To A Ghost
Country Heroes
Not Everybody Likes Us
Dick In Dixie, Cunt In Country
*Hellbilly set:
Hillbilly Joker
Tennessee Driver
*Attention Domination Disorder set (Approximately 30 mins)
*Dopesmoker (Approximately 30 minute cover of the Sleep classic)
*30 minute set of thrash metal with an unknown guitarist.

Pops Concert Venue

Me & My Girls

Hank 3

3 again
1-13 Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals

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