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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
Yeah, they're a tribute band. The original tour was supposed to be a Gilby co-headliner with Love/Hate, plus Badmouth opening as the guys in Badmouth are Gilby's current backing band, but Love/Hate couldn't afford the trip so backed out. Guns 2 Roses got added by the promoter, then Kinkade got added at the last minute.

G2R try to be one of those replica type ones, and musically they've got it down (lead guitarist wearing a Slash wig and hat is lame), but vocally lacking. The guy's a decent singer, but he does about as good a job of sounding like Axl as most people singing along to GN'R can do. He thinks he's the shit though. Tries to do all the manerisms (mostly ends up looking camp) and really does pretend he's fronting a big band in front of lots of people. I guess that's what you've got to do if you're going to get close to being convincing, but apart from people down the front going nuts just because they love the songs, a lot of others just weren't impressed.

Usually I find the crowd enthusiasm stays high here, even when they waited through loads of support bands. The annoyance comes when the headliner then ends up playing little more than an hour.

In this instance Gilby was just fantastic. And played all the songs I was hoping to hear (so fucking happy when he pulled out 'Monkey Chow' as the encore as I'd given up hope of hearing it by that point), except 'Alien'.
Ahhhh you should have come and seen one of our own concerts 10.000+ crowds we played for our recent arena tour of India just a couple of weeks later dude!

Now THIS is where I pretend I am "fronting a big band in front of lots of people"

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