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Not sure how many full listens I got in, but after hearing it a few times I don't really have song titles matched with songs.

There isn't a definite standout track like Bleed, Rational Gaze or FBM, but so far Demiurge is the one sticking to me.

Behind the Sun immediately brings Catch 33 to mind.

Started my run with The Demon's Name is Surveillance today, that was intense.

After hearing some samples and some not so hot reviews, I wasn't expecting as much as I was initially so I'm pleasantly surprised so far. I like to production better than obZen and they have a nice mix of slow and fast material, neither of which is formulaic from previous material or even within this album.

The biggest thing I notice is that there are some songs like this, but the middle of the album doesn't drag on with slow polyrhythmic droning.

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