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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Here are some hints for the next five:

#49 is the first of many slabs of female-fronted awesomeness to grace the Sexy Sixty this year.
#48 is a very similar album to one I just reviewed, except that it was released by Profound Lore and not Translation Loss.
#47 is the first of the plethora of old-school death metal albums released in 2011 to crack the Sexy Sixty.
#46 is a sludge / doom album by a band that I've been trying to like for a while now, and this year's release finally did it for me.
#45 is another doom album, by a band that I had never heard of before last year, and whom I'm really sorry I missed on tour in 2011.

#49 - Landmine Marathon
#48 - The Atlas Moth
#47 - Morbus Chron
#46 - YOB
#45 - Rwake
A Broken Plane
A Broken Dream
A Broken Heart
A Broken Team
No Word Said
A Silent Vow
We Loved You Then
We Love You Now
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