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50. Trap Them - Darker Handcraft

So here's the grindcore album with the sweet, sweet buzzsaw guitar tone I was talking about in my hint (sorry, Streets - it ain't Wormrot). Before I listened to Sweden's Exhale a year or two ago, this was by far my favorite grind band with this type of sound. I still haven't seen them live yet, but they are still near the top of my must-see list because of how sick their guitar tone and riffs are. This album might just be their best yet, in part because of the production, which is just a bit cleaner than their other albums, while still remaining just fuzzy and dirty enough to still seem well-matched with their signature sound. The band once again owes mad props to Converge workhorse Kurt Ballou for that little favor. The thing that makes this album different from its two predecessors is that there are a few mid-tempo numbers thrown in here, and much like Finnish grindcore masters Rotten Sound did on their 2011 release, this allows that nasty guitar tone to breathe a little and become all that much more infectious. The only thing this album is lacking, if anything, is a true "holy shit" jaw-dropper such as "Fucking Viva" - but hey, you don't hear me complaining about it. Overall, this album is relentless like a pitbull and filthy like a fucking pig - just the way good grindcore should be.
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