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This may come off as me making excuses for the Ministry album but all things considered I don't think it's a bad album. If you take into consideration the fact that Al never intended to make the album, he was doing his Buck Satan thing and came up w/ some riffs and was talked into saying what the hell we'll record these and put out an album. Knowing how and why it was recorded I didn't expect a ton from this album.

Trying to follow up Houses, Rio Grande & Last Sucker is not an easy task. It could be debated that Ministry haven't put out 3 quality albums in a row in their history. I liked Ghouldiggers as the opener quite a bit. I enjoy the music on 99 Percenters, the lyrics kind of get out but musically I love it. I thought United Forces was kind of a random cover but that's something that Ministry has done their whole career is do a random cover.

Yea Al bitches about his anti Republican stuff but he's only done that since when... 1991? 1992? With a Ministry album usually you know what your going to get. It's not a great album but I'll listen to this over Filth Pig & Dark Side of the Spoon any day. Just my on the new album.
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