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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
I thoroughly and utterly hate you with every fiber of my being.
Awww. Thanks. That was only one day's worth of bands.

After a long work day it was after 9pm before I was ready to head back downtown. I knew it would be too late to check out Shining as they were playing an official showcase at a small club downtown. I also knew I had already missed Speedwolf and The Atlas Moth at the show at Club 1808, which is a solid 30 minute walk from the rest of the festival. So for Thursday night I decided to head to Beerland for the Chaos In Tejas sponsored show. When I arrived Screaming Females were just starting to set up their equipment. I decided to walk around the corner to HoŽk’s Death Metal Pizza to grab a slice and check out Bult from Sweden. One of the best backups for any metalhead at SXSW who might not be able to get into a show they want is always Death Metal Pizza. All throughout the festival they have metal going all day and night on their back patio free for 21+ and maybe $5 for under 21. You aren’t going to see big names here, but always solid locals and all kinds of random up and coming bands.

When I made it back to Beerland Screaming Females were playing their last couple songs. The next band to play was crossover hardcore thrash punk band Power Trip from Dallas. This was a 21+ show so there it was nice that there were no ninja kids and the moshing that went on looked like legit thrashing fun. Ohio’s Ringworm were up next and play music very much in the same vein as Power Trip with a more metal edge and seem to be an Austin favorite as they always bring some out some rabid fans. More on Ringworm in the Friday review.

In comparison to the previous bands things slowed to a crawl when Pallbearer’s doom dirge kicked in. This ended up being the best sounding of the Pallbearer shows I attended. Since this wasn’t an official SXSW show they had more than just 30 minutes and they played at least four if not all five of the 8 plus minute songs from their debut Sorrow And Extinction. The vocals are just as moving in person as they are on record and the overall sound is even heavier live.

Finally the California stoner riff machine of Saviours headlined the night and were great icing on this cake of a lineup. Overall a great night for only a $5 cover. After four or five songs I started the 20 or so minute walk to the Lamar street pedestrian bridge for the 2am show with Regents, Narrows, Darkest Hour and Sleepytime Trio. By the time I made my way over to the bridge there was already a small sea of black t-shirts amassed. After a little bit of setup Regents played a few songs for the late night crowd. They worked quickly to get Narrows set up as if they knew the minutes were numbered. Narrows played a few absolutely ripping hardcore death metal crossover numbers before cops showed up and peacefully had the crowd disperse with no altercations that I saw. I guess blasting metal on a pedestrian bridge after 2am won’t fly even during SXSW and the once-rowdy crowd was exhausted enough to head home without incident.
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