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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
I hate The Crow and The Butterfly with a passion.

But you listened to some great albums that I haven't even commented on yet.

Overkill- Not as good as Ironbound, but a killer Thrash album none the less. Best Thrash album of the year so far.

Municipal Waste- They will never top The Art Of Partying, but this is pretty close. Much better then the last album (which I still loved).

Meshuggah- Meshuggah is Meshuggah. Nothing out of the ordinary. a few different songs with other songs in the classic vibe. Overall, pretty damn cool.

Shinedown- I'll say once I get a chance to listen to it.

Ministry- Over the top Political. I get it Al, you're a democrat. Keep it off your damn albums.
Well said on all accounts. Except Crow and the Butterfly is a damn good song, especially live. I can see why someone would get tired of it or not like it but for what it is, it's one of their 10 best songs to me.

Also I'm not totally sure when it's all said and done that The Electric Age won't surpass ironbound. I think ironbound has 3-4 incredible songs, 2-3 really good ones and the rest never really grew on me. EA has some incredible riffs and solos wrapped around a shitton of thrash. I kept waiting for the plod-along song that I would skip and it never really happened. Electric Rattlesnake was a little cheesy lyrically but the music is f'n SICK!

I'm shocked at how much I liked it on just the 1st listen. Koloss will surely grow on me and I'll have to hear some of these songs live to truly gauge them so it might crack my Top 10 by years end. I'd be surprised if Overkill wasn't Top 5 for me.
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