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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
I thought Sound of Madness was 90% great actually but I agree the new one and others are all 2-4 good songs.

I listened to 5 new cd's in the last 48 hours and maybe my expecations of Koloss were too high but I would rate them.

1) Overkill - by a mile. All f'n hail these guys for making 2 incredible thrash cd's after I virtually gave up on them after a few clunkers
2) Municipal Waste - we need more bands like these guys
3) Meshuggah - Nowhere near as good as Obzen
4) Shinedown - Couple of good songs
5) Ministry - When they're good, they're really good. When they're bad they're preachy and childish.
I hate The Crow and The Butterfly with a passion.

But you listened to some great albums that I haven't even commented on yet.

Overkill- Not as good as Ironbound, but a killer Thrash album none the less. Best Thrash album of the year so far.

Municipal Waste- They will never top The Art Of Partying, but this is pretty close. Much better then the last album (which I still loved).

Meshuggah- Meshuggah is Meshuggah. Nothing out of the ordinary. a few different songs with other songs in the classic vibe. Overall, pretty damn cool.

Shinedown- I'll say once I get a chance to listen to it.

Ministry- Over the top Political. I get it Al, you're a democrat. Keep it off your damn albums.
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