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51. American Heritage - Sedentary

So the hint for this one may have been a little misleading, if not vague. I implied that the album has “Leviathan-era Mastodon songs made in 2011” on it, and indeed, I think it does (witness tracks such as “Chaotic Obliteration”). However, there’s a whole lot more going on here than just that. For example, the vocals on this album are reminiscent of those of Black Cobra’s Jason Landrian, but speaking of that band, it’s the drummer for that group (Rafael Martinez) who actually appears on the album, playing bass on a few tracks. Speaking of guest bassists, the band also enlisted the likes of Bill Kelliher of the aforementioned Mastodon (who released a split with American Heritage in 2003), as well as the album’s ubiquitous producer Sanford Parker for bass guitar duties (since they didn’t have a full-time bassist at the time of recording). Some members of this band are from the Chicago area, and some are from the Gainesville / Atlanta area. Speaking of the latter, flavors which also infuse the sounds of such Georgia acts such as Kylesa and Black Tusk, who are both sludge bands at heart, but who also wear their punk influences proudly on their sleeves, are also apparent here. Last but not least, these guys have come up with some pretty interesting song titles on this album. Tracks such as “Fetal Attraction”, “Tomb Cruise”, and the slow-clap inducing “Morbid Angle” prove that while these guys are extremely serious about their commitment to kicking your ass with riff after riff after beautifully heavy, crunching riff, at the same time, they don’t take themselves that seriously at all – and that’s what makes this album so great. The band’s work ethic may indeed be fierce, but the end product – which is hewn together from the blood, sweat and tears of many an artist – seems effortless and consistent throughout.
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