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Originally Posted by Maidenmagic View Post
Totally Unrealistic:
The Ep:
1. Queen of the Reich
2. Nightrider
3. Blinded
4. The Lady wore black
The Warning
5. Warning
6. En Force
7. Deliverance
8. No sanctuary
9. NM 156
10. Take hold of the Flame
11. Before the storm
12. Child of fire
13. Roads of Madness

14. Neue Regel
15. Surgical strike
16. I don't believe in love

17. Eyes of a stranger
18. Someone else?
19. Empire

This is great... It's not far off from Disc 1 of the Live Evolution disc. Here's the tracking for that double disc set!!

Disc 1
EP/Warning Suite: NM 156
EP/Warning Suite: Walk in theShadows
EP/Warning Suite: Roads to Madness
EP/Warning Suite: The Lady Wore Black
EP/Warning Suite: London
EP/Warning Suite: Screaming in Digital
EP/Warning Suite: Take Hold of the Flame
EP/Warning Suite: Queen of the Reich
Rage/Mindcrime Suite: I Remember Now
Rage/Mindcrime Suite: Revolution Calling
Rage/Mindcrime Suite: Spreading the Diseasse
Rage/Mindcrime Suite: Requiem
Rage/Mindcrime Suite: Spreading the Disease, Pt. 2
Rage/Mindcrime Suite: The Mission
Rage/Mindcrime Suite: Suite Sister Mary
Rage/Mindcrime Suite: I Don'tBelieve in Love
Rage/Mindcrime Suite: Eyes ofa Stranger
Rage/Mindcrime Suite: Eyes ofa Stranger

Disc 2 (not too bad either)
Empire/Promised Land Suite: IAm I
Empire/Promised Land Suite: Damaged
Empire/Promised Land Suite: Empire
Empire/Promised Land Suite: Silent Lucidity
Empire/Promised Land Suite: Another Rainy Night
Empire/Promised Land Suite: Jet City Woman
Hitnf/Q2K Suite: Liquid Sky
Hitnf/Q2K Suite: Sacred Ground
Hitnf/Q2K Suite: Falling Down
Hitnf/Q2K Suite: Hit the Black
Hitnf/Q2K Suite: Breakdown
Hitnf/Q2K Suite: The Right Side of My Mind
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