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Originally Posted by street_burial View Post
Swarm was the only track that impressed me.
I do like a few other tracks a whole lot as well, but this is by far my favorite on the album (in terms of immediate gratification, at least). It's quite obviously this album's "Bleed".

Originally Posted by kevouellet View Post
"Behind the Sun" is hands down one of the best songs in Meshuggah's catalogue.
Interesting. That might be one of my least favorite tracks on the album. It just seems to meander aimlessly for a while, never really eveloping into anything significant. There are a few decent riffs here and there, but to me this was a fairly weak track.

Originally Posted by anomynous View Post
I think it's pretty killer, but I don't have Meshuggah up on a pedestal like a lot of people.
I guess I have to admit that I do consider Meshuggah to be one of my all-time favorites, so I'm trying hard to stay objective in the reviewing process. I think this one is a grower, like most of their other albums. Hell, I even seem to remember thinking obZen was pretty meh until I had listened to it a few times - now I think it's one of Meshuggah's best albums.

It's odd to think that a band that is this heavy and brutal in their attack would be one that you'd have to settle in and listen to for a while before appreciating their material, but I think this album is teaching me that one of the strengths of Meshuggah is that they write albums which function on multiple levels. Some of their compositions clearly go for the jugular right away, while others take several listens to fully appreciate. I suppose you could say this about any band, but it just seems to be more of a factor for these guys.
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