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It's good to see you have a video up on YouTube. The video is cool but I don't believe that it does the band's overall sound (which is very good) justice.

Still the video at least gives people a feel for the band's sound in general. The falsetto vocals from your 2nd vocalist who does a lot of the Zak Stevens vocals cannot be fully appreciated on this video as he can really hit some impressive notes. I enjoyed when someone asked him to do King Diamond's falsetto at the Sanctuary show and I was impressed that he was actually able to hit King's notes quite well.

Your primary vocalist, John, who does John Oliva's voice resembles Oliva's sound well and you can appreciate his vocal similarity a little better on the video recording. The band's musicians replicate the Savatage sound pretty much note for note and that also is captured reasonably well on the video.

I would recommend that if you like Savatage and live in the Midwest you should go see Ghost in the Ruins live as I have really enjoyed them both times I have seen them now.
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