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A) I can't explain how fucking happy I am today with this news. I really thought the 49ers would get Manning. It goes to show Elway for the 2 years he has been VP knows what he is doing. Could there be a Super Bowl in Denver's future? Maybe we still need some more playmakers at WR, RB and we also need to improve the defense if we are to compete with the AFC powerhouses Patriots and Ravens. It is a gamble but it is well worth the risk

B) As far as Tebow I think he could learn a lot from Manning; how to throw right maybe not so much but if anything Manning is a good game manager and is king at adjusting the play at the line to attack the defense on the fly. Plus Tebow can be a threat in short yardage situations and goal line plays; I don't see why the Broncos can't mix in a bit of Wildcat in the right spots

C)However it seems Tebow is out the door but I don't think we will get anything above a 5th round pick for him. Tebow isn't the greatest thing ever but I hope the Broncos get something back for him. The only two places I see him going is Jacksonville and Miami, both who really need asses in seats in their stadiums.

D) Any fans of the Titans here? You think Bud Adams is flipping everyone off at work today?

E) 49ers fans, you think Alex Smith would be brainless enough to sing with the fins out of spite? Do you like your chances to get back to the NFC playoffs without Smith?
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