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This was my first Iced Earth show and I was very impressed by Stu's vocals. I listened to Into Eternity before but didn't give them a real shot. I will definititely be revisiting their stuff.

I actually went to the show to see Ghost in the Ruins, a Chicago Savatage tribute band. I saw them open for Sanctuary and really liked them and wanted to check them out again. They fill a nice void for me as a big Savatage fan with no Savatage to see these days. It was a bummer that they went on first as the lines were very long to get in and incredibly slow. I missed their first song but enjoyed the set and I'm glad they got me in the door because it was fun seeing Warbringer again and I am now much more open to Iced Earth than I was in the past and would see them again.

Here are a few pictures and the Ghost in the Ruins setlist. I was very glad they had Believe in the set and they did it justice. Sadly, the set was cut short and we did not get Sirens but still a good show. I look forward to a longer set in the future.

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