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Mayhem Festival 2012

I made a dream setlist for last years Mayhem Festival for the bands i liked so i figured i would do another one this year. This year is a whole lot better than any other Mayhem lineups in my opinion; despite Asking Alexandria and The Devil Wears Prada.

High on Fire: 30 minutes

Frost Hammer
Fertile Green
Rumors of War
Snakes for the Divine

Whitechapel: 30 minutes

Strength Beyond Strength (Pantera Cover)
Breeding Violence
The Darkest Days of Man
Reprogrammed to Hate
Father of Lies
This is Exile

As I Lay Dying: 35 Minutes

Separation / Nothing Left
Through Struggle
Anodyne Sea
94 Hours
Falling Upon Deaf Ears
Within Destruction

Anthrax: 35-40 Minutes

Worship / Earth on Hell
Caught In A Mosh
Among the Living
The Devil You Know
I Am The Law

Motorhead 35-40 minutes

Iron Fist
Ace of Spades
Love Me Like A Reptile
Going to Brazil
Killed by Death
We Are The Road Crew
No Class

Slayer: 60 Minutes

The entire South of Heaven album

South of Heaven
Silent Scream
Live Undead
Behind the Crooked Cross
Mandatory Suicide
Ghosts of War
Read Between the Lies
Cleanse the Soul
Dissident Aggressor (Judas Priest Cover)
Spill the Blood
War Ensemble
The Antichrist
Chemical Warfare
Raining Blood
Angel of Death
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