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I was at this show too - very good show - my first for Iced Earth. Stu's vocals were impressive, and so was Jon's guitar playing. The lead guitar sound was not very good, and hard to hear at time, but I guess when you go to an Iced Earth show, you really aren't there for lead guitar playing anyway.
Second time I have been at this venue, and it was very hot in there, but it was great to see the crowd that Iced Earth pulled in. I hope that brings them back to Joliet at some point.
Merch was reasonably priced I thought, just not much of a selection - I guess that could be because it is the last show in the U.S. I got a long sleeve t-shirt for less than many big named bands charge for a regular shirt - so they have the shirts priced where they should be ($25 for short sleeve and $35 for long sleeve).
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