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Stephen Pearcy -- Los Angeles, CA -- March 17th, 2012

@ The Escondite (in the parking lot under a tent outside a bar just off San Pedro Street between 3rd and 4th in Downtown LA)


He went on about 6, I got there a little after 3, it was an all day thing that kicked off around 11:00am)

KING COTTON - no setlist
GHETTO BLASTER - no setlist, they were great, there were 2 pit bulls chasing each other all over the place and jumping onstage, sometimes their antics resembled a mosh pit.

(check him out sometime, this was how I heard about it)

01. Voodoo Queen
02. Ride My Face To Chicago
03. Brains And Personality
04. Stop Breaking My Balls
05. Have A Drink On Me
06. Smoochie Coochie Man
07. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)
08. Dark Fantasy
09. In The Butt


01. You're In Love
02. Lay It Down
03. Lack Of Communication
04. Wanted Man
05. Slip Of The Lip
06. You Think You're Tough
07. Way Cool Junior
08. Body Talk
09. Back For More
10. Heading Out To The Highway
11. Round And Round

then it was off to Silver Lake for Symbol Six, RF7, Civil Disgust and Standard And Poor. Long day.
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