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Whitechapel -- Kansas City, MO -- March 16th, 2012

Sooooooo fucking mad.....
I just typed this whole fucking thing and it got deleted
Well, I missed the first band, Structures, sucks cause I've heard good things about them and I wanted to see them.
We got their as soon as The Plot in You. They aren't really my thing, but they sounded really good and did a good job. Crowd seemed to dig them and they know how to put on a show. And they were pretty nice. Not a bad opener.

The Plot in You
The Fathers Seed
Rat Poison

Next up was the main reason I went, After The Burial
They made a huge impression on me when I saw them back in 08/09 don't remember exactly, and I've been a huge fan ever since. Despite there being a big crowd, it was pretty easy to get close to the front. At first I wasn't sure how the crowd was gonna react for them, but they went. But as soon as the intro started, the crowd opened up. And as soon as Berzerker started, they crowd went nuts. Plus the guitarists played it behind their backs, like they did when I first saw them Their show was great and set was good for the time allowed, definitely glad they didn't play Pendulum. Only complaint was the lack of anything from Forging a Future self, which after talking to Andy, I found out they were supposed to play The Forfeit, but ran out of time also, I didn't like the weird mixture of hardcore poopers and lame moshing. Other than that it was fantastic

After The Burial
Cursing Akhenaten
Your Troubles Will Cease and Fortune Will Smile Upon You
Encased In Ice

Next was the other reason I was there, Miss May I
I hear from others how bad there live show is, but the last time I saw them was great, and this was no different. Complete with big lights and a drum solo, they definitely know who to put on a show. Again the crowd was a bit weird, but they nuts either way. Set was pretty good and was sound was great. They are definitely a great live band.

Miss May I
Relentless Chaos
Our Kings
Hey Mister(new song)
Forgive and Forget
My Hardship
Masses of a Dying Breed

After that, I considered the show pretty much over. Some guy passed out on the floor and got taken out on a stretcher and that was much more entertaining than Whitechapel. Even when they have a few riffs I like, I cannot stand them, and even more so live. Every fucking song sounds the same and I feel like i sat through a giant, wet fart. They even managed to mess up Possession and Murder Sermon, two songs that aren't terrible. Either way, we left about 4 songs in, and those are the only two songs that I know they played for sure. But all in all, really fun and definitely glad I went.
I also picked up an After The Burial baseball T

The Plot In You: 6.5/10
After The Burial: 8.5/10
Miss May I: 8.5/10
Whitechapel: poop

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