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Malignancy -- Montreal, Quebec -- March 16th, 2012

Venue: Katacombes
Opening bands: Soil of Ignorance, Powercup, Crosstitution

As usual at the Katacombes, the concert started late. The first band, Soil of Ignorance, started by 9:30 because they had arrived late at the venue. They're a grind/powerviolence band from Trois-Rivières with some death metal influences. The sound wasn't that great (the vocals were a bit too loud) and the crowd wasn't warmed up already, but the band slayed: they delivered ferocious grindcore with some slower, darker parts and they even played a cover of "Putrid Stench" by Disharmonic Orchestra.

The next band was a local powerviolence duo called Powercup. Their drummer wasn't that good, but he played fast and the guitarist/vocalist had a good stage presence. They also had two different vocals: the drummer that yelled in the typical powerviolence style and the guitarist that had low death metal growls. I didn't find that their music had anything special, but what's funny about that band is that their lyrics are all written on renovation and power tools. Anyway, they gave a good show and they were funny.

Then, after a very long changeup, local death/grind heroes Crosstitution took the stage. Surprisingly, they were the band that got the biggest crowd reaction of the night. As always, their songs were pounding and Faiz, the lead singer engaged in an exchange of healthy hatred with the crowd and with his band members (see this review for further details), but this time they gave their heaviest and most energetic performance I have seen so far. They notably played a cover of Dismember's "Soon to Be Dead" and for another song, they had a guest vocalist.

After these three cool grind bands, it was time for the New-York pinch harmonic whirlwind that is Malignancy to destroy the place. Their bass player wasn't able to cross the border (he's in Mortician, so he probably has a criminal record), so they played as a power trio. Because they started very late and because Malignancy is a band that is worshiped by death metal specialists, but totally unknown by the regular crowd here, a few people had already left the venue and there were about 80 people left. There was headbanging, but no real pits. The band seemed to be a bit disappointed by the turnout, but they still gave a blistering performance. Ron Kachnic's guitar skills were especially impressive in a live context and Danny Nelson's were disgusting, just as they're supposed to be. Speaking of Danny Nelson, he's one of the best frontmen I've heard: he's always joking and playing with the crowd, making sure there are no awkward moments between the songs. Mike Heller, the drummer, also killed it, but he had some problems with his kit and at some point his stool broke and he had to borrow one from Crosstitution. Also, in the middle of the set, the drummer from Soil of Ignorance went on stage and they bursted into a short and violent grind song. Finally, I have to give a special mention to the setlist, which was kinda generous. They played 5 songs from their new album, Eugenics, which is set to be released this summer.


Inhuman Grotesqueries
Neglected Rejection
Type Zero Civilization (new song)
Virulent Contagion
Ovarian Incubation
Eugenics (new song)
Motivated by Hunger
Global Systemic Collapse (new song)
Profitable Extinction
*grind jam with the drummer from Soil of Ignorance*
Separated Anxiety
Cataclysmic Euphoria (new song)
Skeletal Integrity
Vaginal Incisors
Rotten Seed
Monstrous Indifference (new song)
8/6 - SubRosa

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