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So I'm gonna necro this thread since I'm bored, on a 6-hour bus trip, and listening to a bunch of good hardcore that came out last year that I didn't mention because I forgot or I hadn't got around to it yet, or at least deserves a shout out. So here are some other really fucking good releases that everyone should check out. In no particular number order:


I love really simple, stereotypical youth crew straight edge stuff. There's something about it that's just awesome; I don't know if it's the catchy lyrics, the passion or over-the-top message, or just the simple riffs. But there's been a big resurgence of it the last couple years, and nobody does it better than Stick Together. I adore everything about their vocals, the guitar tone, the punky riffs more suited for stagediving rather than slamming... even the short song lengths. These guys got another EP coming out in a couple months; keep an eye on 'em. Hopefully they'll eventually get out of that Wilkes-Barre scene and play a show up here for once!

Stick Together
The Real You (No More Games)

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