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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Angels Holocaust
Slave to the Dark
Stand Alone
When the Night Falls
Dark City
Declaration Day
Days of Rage
Watching Over Me
Dante's Inferno
Iced Earth

Great show. The band was LOUD and my ears are still ringing a bit right now which is unusual for me the day after I see a show at this particular venue. I think the band may have been too loud though since Stu's vocals ended up being too low in the mix during the show. But when he hit those high notes you could hear him clearer than anything and he hit them all perfectly.

Stu is a really good frontman and knows how to work a crowd and Iced Earth deserves to be playing in front of larger crowds instead of the 200 or so people who came to this one. I've never understood why they aren't more popular? I'm not talking gold and platinum records but how the hell they aren't at least at the same popularity level as let's say Lamb Of God or Machine Head baffles me to no end. I don't have a problem with either of those bands, i'm just using them as an example. I guess metal fans today don't like hearing a band play metal properly, the way it was meant to be done with great riffs, melodic hooks and great clean singing. You know, the way the pioneering bands of metal taught us

I also loved that the concert was pretty much no bullshit. Except for a few times when Stu talked to the crowd, which he kept sort and to the point, the band just did one song after the other and kicked ass. The crowd was small but very vocal and for the most part into it, except for some idiot next to me who did nothing throughout the show. You don't have to headbang or sing along and go compeletly nuts but at least move to the music you lazy bastard

I enjoyed every song but my highlights were Dystopia, Angels Holocaust, Slave To The Dark, Damien, Dante's Inferno and Watching Over Me. Much like Barlow did on Alive In Athens, Stu made the songs off the first album listenable and better than the originals. Iced Earth to my knowledge has never played in Buffalo, if they have it was a decade or more ago and before I had become a fan. So hopefully the turnout was decent enough that the venue will have the back again.
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