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Animals As Leaders truly are something to behold I think, as all the band members are incredible, AND they have a seriously catchy nature to their pieces, which, as you, say a lot of instrumental metal lacks, as it usually comes down to just soloing and shredding over a progression of riffs. What I really liked is the actually lack of soloing, there are solos, but their position and how often they occur on the album is unpredictable and means every bit of music was thought out precisely, and nothing is excessive, or is needlessly there.

Also, the first album wasn't recorded as a band, it was essentially just Tosin and Misha, who programmed the drums and samples and did some leads, as it was a Tosin solo album at first, but Tosin never liked the idea of it just being about him, so he formed the band for touring the first album and wrote this album with the band in mind.

Good show so far Nat, you'll have this finished just in time for the next thread to suffer
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