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High on Fire -- Austin, TX -- March 13th, 2012

Venue: Emo's East

High on Fire:
1. Spiritual Rites (new song)
2. (new song)
3. Eyes and Teeth
4. (new song)
5. Devilution
6. Face of Oblivion
7. (new song)
8. Speedwolf
9. Blood from Zion
10. Snakes for the Divine

I got to Emo’s about 30 minutes before doors since it was a free show and I wasn’t sure how early people would show up to get in line. When I arrived there were only a couple dozen people waiting. I met up with fellow metalsetlister cojibo in line and we shot the shit about past High on Fire shows. Before long they opened the doors and we were let in to see that they had constructed a skateboard quarter pipe in the venue. That was pretty entertaining because you could choose between watching the bands or checking out the skaters. Houston’s Venomous Maximus kicked off the night with some pretty traditional metal in the vein of Pentagram or Sabbath. Next was Austin based instrumental metal band Eagle Claw. Their epic sounds were able to get the first pits of the night going. Unfortunately, for the second year in a row, Rwake has had to cancel all of their SXSW appearances. However the frontman for Rwake, CT, brought his other band Iron Tongue to fill in. They seemed to be the least known band of the night, but their brand of southern metal was engaging however the crowd seemed to want something heavier. Remember Sean from White Zombie? Her current band is Star & Dagger who are a blues rock based metal band with traditional rock female vocals (think Joan Jett but not as good). They packed in a lot of people but the music didn’t really do it for me.

Finally the ever-shirtless Matt Pike emerged and said something along the lines of “are you ready to have your ass kicked by our rhythm section?”, and he was not kidding. The new songs have some real serious drumming and low end bass power providing a sonic beatdown to accompany Mr. Pike’s ripping guitar work. While I do love the DITC album, I really can’t complain about the set list at all. Matt introduced Blood from Zion by saying it was the first song High on Fire ever wrote. All in all an amazing show. Unfortunately the next night at the MetalSucks showcase was not as enjoyable, through no fault of the band, due to sound issues that plagued most of the bands on the bill.
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