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as i said, i was standing by the bus. michael got on, then came out a few minutes later. i SAW him sign single items for about twenty fans. he then disappeared to the other side of the bus and i left. you obviously saw him later, as you described. his impolite behavior, while perhaps (and i give him wide latitude here!) understandable, is not surprising. i've seen him leave venues just the same way: a car, a woman and no conversation...not even a "shut ze fuck up!" he wasn't, however, impolite to me when he signed my booklet. did any of you get anything signed by michael?

it might be apples and oranges, but FAGrath from dimmu borgir was quite verbally abusive to my friends under similar circumstances. i lost all respect for him as a member of my species. what i witnessed was gratuitous personal abuse for which i will NOT reward an artist with any admiration until (haha...pipedream!) amends are made...
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