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23. Legal Drug Money

Group: Lost Boyz
Members: Mr. Cheeks. Freaky Tigh, Pretty Lui, DJ spigg nice
Recorded: 1994-1995
Released 1995
Album title: Legal Drug money

"the rough times will remain in my brain
I make it hard to maintain, tearing clowns out the frame
I been away for mad peoples thought I fell
But I just came back from my visit in hell
I seen the demon and we chatted,
about this and that And other foul things that never mattered
He said it's time to get ya props But still watch ya back from jealous fellas and them crooked type cops
So yo I did what he got it, police never reported The day they found my little man Shawn snorted
Some kids slit his throat for a little coke But we caught the suspect, 911 is a joke
But listen that's how it goes on the street, man You can't be beat, us real fellas gotta eat With selling drugs, busting shots, how local thugs Money we divided, now they works under works from the ghetto"
- The Lost Boyz

The Lost Boys are a hip hop group hailing from the dirty parts of New york. They fall in the same category as most of the albums that have been posted on here. By that i mean 90% of there songs deal with the struggles of the urban ghetto life and what they do to make ends meat. What makes this album stand out from a lot of other albums that were using the same formula is how these guys present them selves. Their raps about poverty, and growing up in the hard rough parts of new york is told in such a laid back tone that they sound almost as if they love the ghetto. And speaking of which, they do. A lot of the songs on this album either deal with the dangers and risks in living in the ghetto but there are also some nice "warm welcoming" songs that have the members boast about their love for their dirty poverty stricken society. It also goes with out saying that the production on this album is very jazzy, very laid back and smooth, even on the more "serious" songs. Mr. Cheeks and Freaky Tight are not even close to the most complex rappers or lyricist but they do have a nice tone and flow that make them stand out from other MCs that were coming out of NY at the time(and believe me in the mid 90s, hip hop was exploding with all sorts of upcoming acts in NY), also their voices just fit the gritty atmosphere that this record holds. One Ghetto Song after another, The Lost Boyz present an album with the kind of atmosphere that you would find in the dirtiest most rotten outskirts of New York city, where hookers and drug dealers play crabs and black jacks... and their raps about making that "LEGAL DRUG MONEY" and making it to the top will have you sucked in until the album is over. The Lost Boyz do what they gotta do to make that Legal Drug Money. Even if it means doing things that are not every "Legal"... GET IT FOLKS.

Legal Drug Money

Straight From The Ghetto

1,2,3(Thousand Problems)

Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless

*Alot of people will probably not agree with a lot of the stuff being on this list which is alright with me as long as it's alright with you

22 awesome albums left
8/31 - Sleep
10/19 - D.R.I
11/10 - Judas Priest
11/14 - Slayer

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