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Originally Posted by kulamram View Post
michael signed single items for the fans by the bus after the show. altho he wasn't talkative, he was no asshole. an enigma, yes indeed...and this show did definitely ROCK!!!
Wow, not sure what bus you were at. Michael came out, his handler said "one thing please guys" people lined up. he signed for two people then jumped in a waiting car. Not a word out of his mouth. We went back in the venue and were talking to Robin. About ten minutes later Michael comes back in the club, again not stopping, talking, or signing. He goes to stage left, picks up a guitar case and a travel bag, pushes a few people out of his way, mind you , there were about 12 people there. The venue has no backstage per se, so he exits the side of the venue into an alley. His rental car is outside, with a women in the passenger seat. He starts loading the trunk, as a couple random people are trying to talk to him. He does not even so much pick up his head let alone speak. It was comical watching him try to slam the trunk, only to keep discovering that he had too much stuff in it. He looked frantic. Someone said, "Michael do you want some help" to which he replied, and I quote " It would be helpful if you shut ze fuck up" At this point there were about 6 people there, and most had stopped trying to talk to him. Someone then said "Michael, maybe you should put the stuff in the back seat" He fumbles with his keys and finally opens the back door, gets in the car and drives off. Apparently this guy was one of the two who got an autograph, because it was bad enough that he didn't acknowledge anyone, but it was his overall demeanor that was troubling. I get that maybe people don't want to deal with crowds, but at any given point there was only a handful of people around him. It was not as if he was being mobbed. When I say colossal asshole, that is not an understatement. It was a shame. The show was great, and I would go again, but it was comical watching him afterwards. If the show comes near you go. He played great, and Robin's voice was great.
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