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Originally Posted by dwils65 View Post
The show was awesome. We met Michael afterwards... What a colossal asshole. Words cannot describe what a toolbag he is. Robin was very nice and signed for everyone, hung out, he was a good guy. I have met tons of people backstage and after shows, nothing rivals what an ass hole Michael was. A shame because the show rocked.
I have heard this about Schenker before, so it doesn't surprise me. What's weird is that I know someone who met him two different times about 5+ years apart, and he said once he was a total asshole as you described, and the other time he was a really nice guy. I think Michael's got some issues going on, hence all the cancellations and self-exiling he's done over the years - he's a bit of an unpredictable enigma from what I've heard.
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