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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
Yeah, just a very bizarre sort of coincidence thing. My friend and I drove into New Jersey and took the NJ Transit train from Summit, NJ to Penn Station... When we got into the train station a really cute girl says to my friend and I (both wearing Symphony X hoodies) "see you at the show!", and I was like, yeah, whatever that's cool. She was with a guy so I didn't know what to think. But as it turns out I did actually run into her at the show, I saw her a few times, and maybe I'm crazy but this girl kept smiling at me in a very flirtacious sort of way... So my friend and I sat during Iced Earth, but we walked around a little between bands and I said to him: "I'm going to try to find that girl and see what happens"... Long story short, the guy she was with was her little brother, who ended up meeting up with other people they knew at the show, so she was actually alone, and I was able to walk up to her down on the floor and start talking about 20 minutes before Symphony X came on. We ended up standing right next to eachother the whole set and had a really great time together, ended up talking after the show, walked back to the train together, ended up talking the whole train ride back... but the whole time I just got this weird vibe - She was very receptive to me obviously trying to flirt with her, but wasn't quite doing it back, which made me figure she either had a boyfriend, or, based on one or two comments she made, she may have been a lesbian. In the end we exchanged names and I added her on Facebook, but maybe I shouldn't have even done it. I swear some times I like to put myself in awkward situations.
She could've just been friendly to you because she knew her brother wasn't gonna be with her later and she didn't wanna travel through the city on her own late at night.

Also, you sat during Iced Earth
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