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Originally Posted by ShatteredFlame View Post
The Story So Far was my main reason for going and I definitely wasn't the only one. The crowd got pretty nuts for them, easily the wildest of the night. There were pits all over the venue and people trying to crowd surf. Those unfamiliar had to move far back. It got pretty ridiculous after awhile, I saw some fights and with crowd surfing going on all over I noticed a lot of clueless people getting kicked in the head. The performance was tight. Having only one record, they pretty much played everything I wanted to hear and I screamed along every lyric. They even played the intro to Enter Sandman by Metallica, to which people hardcore danced too. That's probably the last thing I expected from a pop punk show. I hope they keep coming around more often. They also said they're playing all 3 days of Bamboozle even though on the poster they're only billed on the last day, automatically makes the whole fest worth it.
Damn! This sounds so awesome. So pissed I have to miss this tour. If I was here in chicago, I'd see it twice in one day since there's a matinee show, too. So awesome to hear that the crowd went crazy for them; they're my favorite band on this bill by far. Not surprised that there were dancers. They're "troo-pop-punk" in the sense that they're hardcore kids saying that they're playing hardcore music but in reality it's just pop-punk. No fucks given; still amazing.

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