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The Wonder Years -- New York, NY -- March 10th, 2012

March 10, 2012
Gramercy Theater, New York

The Glamour Kills Tour feat.:
The Wonder Years
Polar Bear Club
The Story So Far
Into It. Over It.

Back when I started going to concerts I would mostly go to prog and metal shows. Pop punk and hardcore shows were something I despised due to me not wanting to get into anything people from my high school liked. But in college it seems like I can relate more and more to the lyrics presented by punk bands more than any other genre and I just get that urge to mosh and crowd surf during shows. I never thought I would go to one of these Glamour Kills tour packages or a The Wonder Years show but here I am.

I got to the venue during the last 2 Into It. Over It. songs. It's only a one man band, on record there is so much more going on but live he settled with just acoustic performances. I can never really enjoy acoustic performances unless played by my own friends, so I didn't really care for this set. On record his music is decent though.

An Evening With Ramsey Beyer
22 Syllables
Connecticut Steps
No Sleep Til Humboldt

The Story So Far was my main reason for going and I definitely wasn't the only one. The crowd got pretty nuts for them, easily the wildest of the night. There were pits all over the venue and people trying to crowd surf. Those unfamiliar had to move far back. It got pretty ridiculous after awhile, I saw some fights and with crowd surfing going on all over I noticed a lot of clueless people getting kicked in the head. The performance was tight. Having only one record, they pretty much played everything I wanted to hear and I screamed along every lyric. They even played the intro to Enter Sandman by Metallica, to which people hardcore danced too. That's probably the last thing I expected from a pop punk show. I hope they keep coming around more often. They also said they're playing all 3 days of Bamboozle even though on the poster they're only billed on the last day, automatically makes the whole fest worth it.

Swords And Pens
States And Minds
Mt. Diablo
680 South
High Regard

Transit was up next. I'm more into them now than I was when I first saw them so I was hoping I would enjoy this performance much more. I'm sorry to say but Transit is really not a great live act. The first time I saw them it was in a basement, stage a foot off the ground where everyone can scream into the microphone, and they were as lazy as a punk band can be just letting the fans do all the singing and the band just looking bored running through the loops. This show was in a much bigger venue with a barricade 2 feet from the stage so at least this limited the singer from doing the same but they still were pretty boring. The band just doesn't look like they have fun performing.

Long Lost Friends
All Your Heart
Please, Head North
Skipping Stone
Cutting Corners
Stay Home

Direct support for the tour was Polar Bear Club. I hear mixed feelings about this band everywhere. Some of my friends enjoy them and were looking forward to seeing them on this tour, but I know a few people who just claim that everything about PBC has been done before and they sound like a useless band. On CD I never got that impression but live for some reason they reminded me of Rise Against. They put on an alright performance. The crowd was pretty lazy for them, the singer even commented about it saying that the matinee show that went on earlier in the day was much better, and he praised this one hardcore fangirl who was crowd surfing at least 3 times a song. On the final two songs the energy finally picked up and it was pretty cool. Overall I enjoy them.

Screams In Caves
Hollow Pace
Resent and Resistance
Killin' It
Light of Local Eyes
I'll Never Leave New York
Living Saints
Burned Out in a Jar
Most Miserable Life

The Wonder Years was my second reason for going to this and the place was absolutely packed when they went on. The crowd got pretty crazy for them but it didn't compare to The Story So Far. They're a really fun band with some stupidly simple lyrics that I somehow find myself relating to. It was great screaming along "I'M NOT EVEN SAD ANYMORE" throughout the night and their set seemed to fly by. The whole night flew by, starting a little after 6:00pm and ending around 9:30pm, which is pretty crazy considering that 5 bands played. Overall as a fan of all the bands, The Story So Far is the best band on this tour and they should be the main reason for anyone to go with The Wonder Years as a runner up. I bought Under Soil & Dirt on vinyl, but they have real shitty merch which I am disappointed with because my friend has an awesome sweatshirt by them that they weren't selling.

Local Man Ruins Everything
Melrose Diner
Keystone State Dude-Core
I Won't Say The Lord's Prayer
Coffee Eyes
Washington Square Park
Don't Let Me Cave In
Woke Up Older
My Last Semester
Came Out Swinging
Won't Be Pathetic Forever
Logan Circle
And Now I'm Nothing
Living Room Song (First time played live)
You're Not Salinger. Get Over It.
All My Friends Are In Bar Bands
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