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That really was an amazing show, I'd be tempted to say best of the year so far, but since there is Beyond Creation/First Fragment/Unhuman, the Metal alliance and Unexpect/Insurection coming in fast, that might be talking too fast.

Impalement were balls-to-the-spiked-walls awesome as always, their new song was particularly amazing. However their sound was fucked-up (while it wasn't for any other band that night ... weird), the snare drum was almost inaudible and the (awesome) vocalist was drowned. Whatever, it was still awesome.

I really liked Battlecross and I love their music, but someone needs to tell the singer no one cares about their music videos or the amazing sales of their single. Their set was ripping live though, really recommend the band.

No comment for Hate Eternal, it felt like being drilling through the face by Satan. Loved it

The only thing that bugged me about this show was that, as you mentioned, without the catalyst and battlecross and with Cerebral Bore still on the tour, it would have been a pretty "pure" death metal night, especially considering Bore and Hate Eternal have no hint of thrash influences. I for one like thrash very much, but I can see why someone else could find the replacement pretty cheap. They should have picked up more local DM bands

Overall, sick show, great set from Rutan
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