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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Nice to see Ghost River make it's first appearence. I like that they dropped The Siren for Dead To The World. It's a way better song and i've honestly never seen the big deal in The Siren and why they play it so much. To me it's just OK and easily the worst song on Once.

I would replace Over The Hills with something off Wishmaster. Tuomas has written too many good songs for them to be wasting time with a cover. I hope that Turn Loose The Mermaids replaces Slow, Love, Slow at some point to. Still a pretty good set though.
I think The Siren has a magical thing with Tarja's voice, with Anette loses it, they've been playing Romanticide also, I would love to see Creek Mary's Blood.

And I'm agree with you, Turn Loose The Mermaids is great but I would drop out I Want My Tears Back instead. I think now the band has to be more careful in terms of choosing the songs because Anette's vocal range, personally I rather see more "new songs" than hear the old songs playing in a super low key just to Anette doesn't make shame of herself.

But she's singing quite better on this tour, I saw the Ghost River video of yesterday it sounds awesome.
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