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Originally Posted by El Gordo View Post
Powermaiden is spot on here. I've never faulted Metallica for playing the music they want to play. If Load or St. Anger was what they wanted to be playing at the time, then good for them. What I fault them for is becoming such a lazy, joke of a band. Their old material almost always sounds sluggish and sloppy when they play it live nowadays. Age is obviously a factor, but I don't fault them for getting old. Overkill and Testament still destroy stages live as well as they did in the 80's. Metallica does not.

Metallica 1989
Metallica 2010

Metallica is the reason I'm into metal. I used to be a proud Metallica fanboy. They aren't worth the price of admission anymore, sadly.
With all due respect, when I saw Testament @ GMM 2008 their sound was incredibly awful. And if you want to see a lazy band, that doesn't even like to tour, go see Slayer. Not that Metallica have never played lesser shows (they were better in 2009 than in 2004), but come on. And uh, Overkill should be at least as big as dickhead Kerry's group.

It's impossible to argue with people on message boards when you admit you still like these guys.

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