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Originally Posted by PowerMaiden View Post
Those old Metallicaca sets are making me sick

I wish some of you saw them in the 80's you would come to realised that they're only a pale copy of once a great band. They lost everything, all their aggression, there anger and their will to kick our arses live. Now it's all 'hey baby' 'How does it feel to be alive' . Fuck that shit. they can't play and Gayms can't sing anymore.

That was the real Metallica:

anyway I had to say it

Cheers !
I've seen them live a few times now, but "Gaymz" never said hey baby...

It's hard for somebody like you to accept that Metallica still has fans, now matter how far they have drifted away from their original sound..."Troo methulfans" lose their reason when someone like me shows up.

What's more pathetic? A band that did what they wanted or underaged kiddiez who think Iron Maiden is the only band that exists?
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