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58. Rotten Sound Cursed

This is the sixth studio album in this Finnish grindcore outfit's catalog, which dates back almost fifteen years (the band itself has been in existence for nearly twenty). That alone is impressive, but what's even more impressive is that, in a genre where it can be really difficult to distinguish one band's sound from another at times, Rotten Sound has managed to stay so unique and relevant for as long as they have. I am a true sucker for the buzzsaw guitar tone of bands like Dismember, and although it's somewhat rare to find that in this genre, some bands such as Trap Them and Sweden's Exhale do provide ample doses of it within their grindcore framework. So does Rotten Sound, but unlike the aforementioned bands, they aren't afraid to slow the proceedings down once in a while and let that nasty guitar tone breathe a little - and when they do, the result is just magic to this grindfan's ears. The first example of this is about fifty seconds into the album's second track "Superior" (which is to say, less than two minutes into the album as a whole). The groovy-yet-still-heavy-and-grindy-as-fuck riff found at this point is one of my most favorite musical moments of 2011 - I swear to Satan. The rest of this album just makes me smile, too. This shit is just awesome. The blood-curdling, drawn-out screams of vocalist and co-founder Keijo Niinimaa during the slower parts of this album are just bliss , and the riffs that surround them are just as awesome.
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