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I showed up about a half hour early, and when the doors finally opened, I was one of 5 people in line. By the Time A Storm Of Light cam on stage, the entire place was filled to the brim.

A Storm Of Light. I knew of them before the show, but hadn't paid too much attention to them. they played 5 songs and had a visual screen behind them of what looked like all war stock footage. Their music is fucking awesome. Sludgy Post Metal. A perfect fit for the bill. They didn't announce any songs nor had a setlist so I have no clue what songs they played.

Valient Thorr was the band I was least familiar with on the bill. I never actually listened to them before last night. But they won me over in a big way last night. Party Metal for sure. If Municipal Waste played straight up Heavy Metal instead of just Crossover Thrash. the pit was moshing during every song, but not by who I thought. It was all guys in their late 30's early 40's moshing. The kids like me in their early 20s were just headbanging. One of the most fun bands I have ever seen live.

Next up was my heroes, Torche. Since I saw Fat Waves back in 2009 I can't complain about this set. The new songs won me over in a big way. by now, everyone knows Kicking, but the new songs are going to destroy you. Looking On had the heaviest ending I have ever heard in any song ever. Sky Trials reminds me a lot of Triumph of Venus from Meanderthal. The rest of the new songs are pure Torche as well.

During Sky Trials, an Acid Dropping douchebag tackled my knee and smashed it into the stage. Which in a lot of way ruined my night but that's the risk of being in the pit.

Then after some fun I had, C.O.C. got on stage and played their standard, but badass set. So hardcore and punk. There was some old school Hardcore dancing in the pit which was awesome to see. I caught Reed's stick during Psychic Vampire then left the front to hang in the back. Had more fun, and enjoyed the show.

After the show I hung out with Steve Brooks from Torche. They are doing a second leg with COC in the summer, almost all West Coast shows. Then in the fall they will be doing a headlining tour. (Giggity) He also gave me a station ID which is one of my dreams come true. The next time they are in town I'm securing an interview.

After that I talked to Valient Himself for a bit. He let me know that they are planning a Headlining tour this summer. No dates or bands announced yet.

After that I went back to the stage where all of COC was backing up and signing autographs.

Reed is one of the coolest drummers ever. We talked for 20 minutes just about drums, and how he's been using the same kit he's had since 1984. Woody was also very badass. One chick that was talking to him before me had a great conversation with Woody that will last in my mind forever.

Her: I was so disappointed that you didn't play anything off Deliverance tonight
Woody: We PLAYED Deliverance!
Her: Oh... (Slowly backed away)

After that I talked to Woody for a bit about the upcoming tour and how they are planning another tour next year a full NA run.

I wanted to talk to Mike but everyone was after him so I just shook his hand quick and said thank you for the great show.

so that was my night. Here is some pics:

Torche Jersey Shirt (20 bucks, normal shirts were $15)

Valient Thorr's Setlist signed by Valient Himself

Torche Setlist signed by Steve Brooks

Reed from C.O.C's drumstick, signed by Reed

Same stick signed by Woody

Torche/A Storm Of Light Pins ($1 for 2 Torche Pins, $1 for 4 A Storm Of Light Pins)
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