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Originally Posted by MetalIsArt View Post
History will judge Load & Reload differently, but it bothered me that they didn't play more of both albums.
It's weird, Load and the song Until it Sleeps in particular are actually what got me into Metallica. Not because I liked the song, it was the exact opposite. I was so put off by it that it made me realize how awesome their older stuff was and then I started listening to Ride the Lightning. From that album (Load) I only liked one song, Hero of the Day (wicked song even better video) and didn't mind a few others (Bleeding Me) but found too many of the songs had riffs that were too similar and based off the basic pentatonic scale.

Then ReLoad comes out and sounds almost exactly the same in the riff and structure department and for some reason I actually really like about half of it. But then the other half was where I noticed they started to get into the habit of stretching three minute songs into seven minute songs, something they still do today.
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