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Originally Posted by jd091 View Post
Fucking great set. Question: how much of the crowd were girls? When I saw them open for Terror, everyone went apeshit and beat the hell out of one another for Trapped Under Ice before them, and then everyone just stood still for Stick To Your Guns while a bunch of girls ran to the from and knew all the lyrics. It's weird when you're up front screaming the opening to Amber and you realize there are girls to your left and right singing louder.

So yeah, that night they were totally eclipsed by Terror, Trapped Under Ice, and even Take Offense. But I've always loved them musically. It's a shame that 9 out of every 10 tours they do are scene-related when they are very obviously a hardcore band. Same problem The Ghost Inside is falling into, now.
Actually there were way more guys then girls, but there were still girls there. But there was only one that was up there with us screaming along.

Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
Seriously, what's the fucking address for this place? Where is it? It's not the new name for the Scion Lab, is it?
It's on southwest boulevard, I sent you the link
and no, but I heard the Scion Lab is still doing shows

Originally Posted by brutal_descent View Post

y u no post more often
Cause I'm a busy high rollin' man who's too busy seeing STYG for 5 bucks

I've just been really busy. My laptop was out of commission for a while, plus I has no interwebz at home.
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