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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
I saw this tour when it came here. This was before Metallica changed the set up every night so everything is the same but instead of getting an embarassingly bad acoustic version of Motorbreath we got one of Last Carees instead. They most certainly ended the show with Creeping Death so i'm not sure why you don't remember it.

As for the acoustic version of The Four Horsemen, I don't think i've ever seen a band insult one of their classic songs more than Metallica did with this version. It was fuckin pathetic and Tony Iommi should've nailed each member of the band upside their head with his guitar for comiting such a metal sin.

I'm fine with acoustic songs if that's what the original arrangment is or if it's already a soft and slow song. That's why Low Man's Lyric worked fine that way but people were completely dumbfounded at the show when they did Horsemen like that. Hardly anybody sang along and everyone was just standing their with blank looks on their faces and thinking "what the fuck are they doing?" I'll never understand doing an acoustic version of a rocking song. The whole concept will never make sense to me.

Other than that, the show i went to was great. I don't remember how I got tickets but I know it wasn't as hard to get them as the OP said it was for him. I know I was within like the first 10 rows and during FFWF I could feel the heat from the fire pods that went off during it

I can't remember Jerry Cantrell's set but i know it was a bit different. He did Down In A Hole and Would at my show.
You can hate an acoustic rendition as much as you want, but it's not a "sin".
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