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Originally Posted by srm90 View Post
Really? He's seemed pretty cool when I met him.
That's the general consensus it seems, but he was a dick to me. I saw them in '09 in Montreal, and I went up to him and shook his hand saying "Hey man, great show." He gave me a wimpy ass limp-wristed hand shake rolling his eyes, saying nothing.

After I put up a vid of their performance on YT I recorded, I got a PM from their bass player asking to take the vid down, as they had some PA/technical issues, but asked that I put up another instead. I of course obliged, as he was polite (mind you, they sounded fine during the set to me). So basically, I can understand if you aren't thrilled w/ something about your performance, but don't fucking take it out on me. I paid for my fucking ticket, supporting your broke ass, was nice to you, and you're gonna be a dick to me? Fuck that shit. I'm not saying I deserve to be patted on the ass for going to a show, but some appreciation would be nice. I certainly didn't deserve to be disrespected. Decrepit Birth will never see another dollar from me. I hope they never open for a band I want to see.

And on a side note, I recieved no response from their bass player, as I asked a few fan related questions. That didn't exactly help my opinion of Decrepit Birth either.

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