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Metallica -- Toronto, Ontario -- July 3rd, 1998

Support: Jerry Cantrell, Days of the New
Date: July 3rd, 1998
Venue: the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto, Ontario

Iíve been finding a lot of setlists from shows Iíve been to on the past so I decided to post them. Some of them are with the help of, but these arenít just me ripping setlists and posting them (that would be too easy). These are all shows Iíve been to and have stories to tell.

Iíll always remember this show for how much work it was just getting a ticket. I think I bought them in late 1997 or early 1998, whenever it was it was before getting tickets was easy on the internet. I had to do it the old-fashioned way; telephone. I remember starting to call Ticketmaster when tickets went on sale at 10am and getting busy signal after busy signal after busy signal for hours. Literally. I think I ended up getting through at around 4pm and somehow still got tickets, even though they were lawns.

Six months later we went to the show and ended up the FURTHEST spot you could possibly get at the Amphitheater. Thatís probably why I still hate it to this day. We showed up as Days of the New were already on stage. They sounded pretty good. They were a band that was good in small doses, a few songs was enough and that was all they got at this show. My friend had their first album and an hour of all acoustic hard-rock got old about halfway through. This was when they were still a band before the lead guy got all rock star, fired the rest of the band and dove headfirst into obscurity. No setlist but I know they played Stand and Peel last.

Jerry Cantrell was great. Iíve always said that he is the key element to Alice in Chains, and his solo stuff was great too. This was his first tour for his first solo album, My Song was great, just a great song and all the Alice in Chains stuff was (obviously) awesome.

Jerry Cantrell
1. Devil By His Side 

2. No Excuses 
(Alice in Chains song)
3. My Song 

4. Heaven Beside You 
(Alice in Chains song)
5. Between 

6. Got Me Wrong 
(Alice in Chains song)
7. Them Bones 
(Alice in Chains song)
8.Keep the Light On 

9. Cut You In 

10. Brain Damage / Eclipse (Pink Floyd cover)

I wasnít at the time and am still not the hugest Metallica fan but you have to see them if youíre a metalhead; so this was my show. Opening with Helpless was awesome, since the Garage Days tape was one of my favorite Metallica albums. It caught a lot of people off guard but they ended up releasing Garage Inc. six months after this so they were probably just testing the waters. The whole set I just wanted to hear either Leper Messiah or Orion, neither of which I got. But I enjoyed all the pre-Black Album stuff and the stuff from ReLoad (I actually liked that album). And after opening with a cover I was hoping they may play something else from the original Garage Day Revisited album, but again nothing. I admit that I tore this setlist from and I donít remember them playing Creeping Death at the end, I remember them playing Enter Sandman and tons of fireworks (this was at an outdoor venue) and everyone left. So maybe everyone left early?

1. Helpless 
(Diamond Head cover)
2. Master of Puppets 

3. Of Wolf and Man 

4. The Thing That Should Not Be 

5. Fuel 

6. The Memory Remains 

7. Bleeding Me 

8. Nothing Else Matters 

9. Until It Sleeps 

10. King Nothing 

11. Wherever I May Roam 

12. One 

13. Fight Fire With Fire 

14. Low Man's Lyric 
15. The Four Horsemen 
16. Motorbreath 
17. Sad But True 

18. Enter Sandman 

19. Creeping Death

It was a good show. A little long actually. I swear to god they were on stage for three hours. At least I got to see Metallica once, not at their best or at their worst.
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