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Stick To Your Guns -- Kansas City, MO -- March 8th, 2012

Who the hell knew that Kansas City would be the one city to host not one, but TWO off date Stick Ton Your Guns shows, for 5 bucks. Finally living in Kansas City has paid off

First, an explanation. Stick To Your Guns current drummer, George Schmitz is a KC native and plays in the local band Snake Eater which is where they first noticed him. And now since Snake Eater has gotten back together after a couple years off, they have been awesome, and brought STYG here for 5 bucks, the first time being a few months ago.

Anywho, this show was fucking incredible. The openers were two locals:
Renouncer, who I can only describe as angry, god-denouncing, hardcore with hints of black metal influences. I highly recommend them for any hardcore fans.

The second was Snake Eater (who knew?) who is also really, really, really good. No way to describe them other than metal fused with hardcore, punk, and some really badass rock and roll.

Shamless local promotion is done, now back to the show Like I said, this show was incredible. The show was in a local autoshop called KC Autoworx and no more than 60 people due to the little promotion and was in every way, a hardcore show. The band was right up in the crowds face, was interacting as much as they could, and the crowd ate it up. Everyone was able to get right up in Jesse's face and scream along as loud as they wanted and he handed off the mic more than once, and during the first chorus of Amber, he just threw the mic in the crowd and walked away. You could tell how happy they were to being playing in such a small place and that they were having a lot of fun. No complaints for the night what-so-ever.

Stick To Your Guns set:

What Goes Around
Bringing You Down (A New World Overthrow)
We're What Separates The Heart From The Heartless
Some Kind of Hope
Against Them All
Where The Sun Never Sleeps
Empty Heads
Faith In The Untamed
Enough's Enough
This is More

Renouncer: 6.5/10
Snake Eater: 8/10
Stick To Your Guns: 10/10

Now it's time to see who hates
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