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Originally Posted by TonyD View Post
Sounds promising... if it's a conscious effort it could come out sounding like it was forced, but if it came together organically it could be awesome.
Given the amount of time it's taken them to do this, I doubt it's gonna sounded forced at all.

Originally Posted by Onioner View Post
Can't think of many other bands with such a frighteningly perfect discography. This is gonna be good at worst, mindblowing at best. Either way, I'm psyched!

Rush = Excellence

Originally Posted by gilpdawg View Post
Rumor has it a date is semi-confirmed at Deer Creek in Indy on 9-13, so I'm assuming the tour is August-Octoberish.
The strong rumor going around is that it will be a fall tour. So that means we'll get to see them in an arena instead of an amphitheater
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