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Suffocation -- Moscow, Russia -- March 7th, 2012

Thrones of Blood
Effigy of the Forgotten
Pierced From Within
Liege of Inveracity
Abomination Reborn
Funeral Inception
Breeding the Spawn
Jesus Wept
Torn Into Enthrallment
Suspended in Tribulation

Infecting the Crypts

Fuck, this was awesome. Arrived an hour late and missed the first Russian opener (by accident), bought a Suffo t-shirt and took a spot up front. The band spent a shitload of time setting up, but everybody in the band spent a long time signing autographs for people up front in between working on the set-up, even though Derek kept telling everybody they'd be around after the show was over. A lot of people insisted they autograph their passports, which was kind of stupid, in my opinion.

Five minutes into the second Russian band, some guy rushed into my spot and threw me off to the right to have a spot up front, only to leave after about a minute. Mind you, he was actually pretty strong, so I started getting pretty annoyed after a while. After about going all ram's head on me for about three times, I asked him to stop, and man, he wasn't having any of it. The first thing guy said was literally, "I'm twice as old as you", going on to talk about how he was listening to Suffocation when I was still learning to crawl, and showing off his Nazareth shoulder tattoo that he got in 1979. I kept interrupting him to ask him how the fuck that had anything to do with him pushing me out of my spot, but after I told him that I just wanted to be standing with my friends, he quit.

I'm going to pause the review to say what I already said on the Suffocation break-up rumor thread: I, for one, enjoyed Suffocation live with Bill Robinson at the helm much more than I have enjoyed their studio material with Frank Mullen. It sounds like bullshit, and I can see why someone would think that (especially if they were long-time Suffocation fans) but if all I have to compare is Suffo live with Robinson and their studio-material, I'm definitely going with Robinson. Maybe I'll change my mind when I see Suffocation with Mullen, but for the moment, that's my stand. He absolutely killed every song in the set, with the exception of Suspended in Tribulation, but that's probably because I couldn't hear his vocals too well.

I survived front row until Catatonia; as soon as Bill announced the song, and the opening riff kicked in, a stage-diver jumped over my head and pulled me in by accident with his feet, the exact moment the pit exploded. I've got a bunch of bruises all over my back, but man, it was fucking awesome. I haven't moshed since Meshuggah almost a year ago, and it was really refreshing. I need to exercize, though, since I'm really prone to getting wounded in a mosh. I saw about four fights break out too. Everybody in the band was at top-form; I'm really happy Culross filled in too, since we got two of the best songs from Despise the Sun. My favorite songs from Pierced from Within and Effigy of the Forgotten were also played, so I'm fucking happy.

Anyhow, MDF folks - GO SEE SUFFOCATION. They are tits, even without Frank. He's only gone for the year anyway, so it won't kill you to give Robinson a chance.

Oh, and here's some of Bill's banter in between songs:

"America is fucking retarded, seriously! I walk on the street and people tell me I look like Jesus! Fuck you, man, Jesus looks like me! I'm not his son, he's my son, motherfuckers! Yeah! I beat that kid around with a belt, and he cried like a fucking pussy! This song is for my wimpy, fucked up kid Jesus: this song is called JESUS WEPT!"

"You guys know what hallucinogens are, right? LSD? Shrooms? Yeah! Well, no actually, because drugs are fucking bad, mkay? These guys, however, fucking loved that shit back in the day, and even wrote a song about it! This song is about the outer dimension, and the gateway to oblivion: this song is called Suspended In TRIBULATION!"

"Everybody here realises I'm not Frank Mullen, right? Yeah, good. (someone calls out Bill Robinson's name) Hah, that's right! I'm Bill fucking Robinson, and I'm sexy as hell! I'm sure I look 20 to you guys but I'm really much older: I'm an old motherfucker, but I'm a sexy motherfucker! I can't help it, it's something that happens when you age as well as I do. Yell after me, BILL ROBINSON IS A SEXY MOTHERFUCKER! Just kidding, you guys are all sexy motherfuckers. Anyhow, this song is for all you sexy motherfuckers: THIS SONG IS CALLED ABOMINATION REBORN!"
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