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Why wont System of a Down play "Soil," dammit. They pull out over 20 fucking songs, almost their entire first album, aside from Ddevil, Soil, and P.L.U.C.K. Bastards. Id take those over Hypnotize tracks any day.

I miss the Pledge of Allegiance Tour. Albany, Pepsi Arena. Right after Iowa and Toxicity, Mutter, and re-release of Kill, I Oughtta before Red Cover.

Early Show (1pm) extra 5 bucks at Valentines with proof of ticket to PoA:
American Head Charge (60 mins; War of Art, almost entirely)
Grade 8 (Albany only) (30 mins)
Simon Says (Albany only) (25 mins)
Sw1tched (Albany only) (Good at the time; debut)
TRUSTcompany (Albany only) (First single)
Motograter (unknown opener at the time. Ivan Moody was entirely painted Red)

Real Show 7:35pm:
American Head Charge (The Cock suit; Martin Cock, caught goggles)
No One (Still to this day I love their album)
MuDvAyNe (Opened with fucking "Under my Skin")
Rammstein (Nutty stage show for 4th band. DEEP cuts)
System of a Down (Opened with Prison Song and War)
Slipknot (Played Eeyore and Get This, Didn't play "Left Behind"...the fuck, man?)

Ah, Nu-Metal wet dream. Same year Ozzfest, as well as next.

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